Control Fleas On Dogs and Cats

19 Oct

Where does your cat or dog get fleas from? The answer is: from the environment. When other animals such as cats, dogs, squirrels, raccoons, and possums pass through your home, they may drop fleas and even flea eggs to the ground.

How Do Fleas Get onto the Bodies of Your Pets?

These eggs then hatch into larvae which grow into pupae. The pupae mature into adult fleas. These mature fleas jump onto your pets and harm them this way:

They cause bites

They can cause bites which could be quite painful and itchy. Some pets may not be bothered much by fleas but others are very badly affected by all the pain and itching. Get the best flea medicine here!

They can cause anemia

When the infestation is really serious, it can lead to an anemic condition in your pets. This situation can lead to death if an urgent solution is not found for such pets. This happens a lot in cats though puppies can also be affected.

Can cause allergy

Fleas can cause an allergic situation known as flea bite dermatitis. It is specifically the saliva from fleas that causes this condition. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Flea Medicine, go to


Fleas carry tapeworms after they ingest the eggs of a certain type of tape worm called Dipylidium Caninum during. The larvae of fleas eat the eggs from this tapeworm after they have been released from the digestive tract of a dog or a cat. These eggs continue developing inside the flea and get into your pet after the pet consumes fleas during the grooming process.  Get Advecta flea med for dogs here!

Advecta is one type of pet medicine that can be used to address the flea infestation. There are other products that can solve the flea problem but they have some disadvantages that make Advecta II or Advecta 3 an attractive solution. While Advecta brand products prove to be as effective as other good pet medicines, they are more affordable and accessible to most pet owners.

Advecta Flea Medicine for Dogs

The best product depends on the weight of your dog. The manufacturer will usually indicate the appropriate animal weight on the label. The products may come in a packed solution form or as a concentrate. Some may come in the form of sprays that can be applied using some simple equipment onto the animal's body.  Others are in the form of shampoos and need to be used as a wash solution. Advecta yard comes as a spray concentrate that can be sprayed onto the yard again fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Fleas on pets are never a pleasant thing. Fortunately there are solutions such as the advecta brand products that can be used to control them.

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